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Why VB Easy!

build fully custom products for company with a best class softwares and apps

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Free technical consultation


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our leaders and skills


Satish Deshmukh

Full Stack Developer

 I’m a Full Stack developer. Currently working on php’s frameworks like Laravel 6, Codeigniter 3 also on cms like opencart. And JavaScript  framework like react, angular, vue, I prefer developing complex and unique web services and/or user interfaces rather than creating simple websites which are similar to each other.

Rajveer Singh

VB Easy Founder

Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Microsoft Excel, Management, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, and Business Analysis. Strong program and project management professional with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) from MAIT.  


Janus Suarez

Full Stack Developer

Experience Data Analyst for 5 years, 9 years experience in Manufacturing as a Quality and Process Engineer. In applications development; 10 years experience with VB6 and Excel VBA development; freelance Google Apps Script development(javaScript/HTML/CSS application). Experience with web scraping using javaScript. 

why clients choose us?

High level of expertise

We provide excellence service by integrating the perfect people with the perfect technology; a main focus towards CompIntelligence. We follow agile techniques and processes that are constantly evolving to render more value and efficiency as we assist clients how to manage implementations, integrate systems, find expert resources, and build custom solutions. Our capability to render dynamic and flexible solutions, amalgamate with our immense expertise and knowledge, establish long-term relationships in an industry that’s continuously changing.

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Teamwork & planning

Our team represents collaborative efforts to achieve common goals in the most efficient way.We always endeavour to establish effective communication within organizations to achieve tremendous productivity. We always improve teamwork through specifying the roles and accountabilities, recognition & admiration for good work, use team management software for obtaining feedback and last but not least we don’t micromanage. All these methodologies help us to be unique and produce great results. By performing team building activities, you will intensify trust among personnel and constitute positive culture.
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Full trust & transparency

In this information age, customers stipulate for vigor communication and transparency. Being honest and straightforward helps to increase your customer base. When information is deliberate openly, it improves speed, efficiency and quality of decision making. Moreover, enterprises can respond effectively to market insights much rapidly and bring autonomy within organizations. Planning transparent is the optimum way to keep everyone within the business on the same page, providing an organisation- vision of the goals and expectations delineate by the strategy

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Build your custom products with fully experienced team.

Recognizing the business requirement is essential to project success. Our phenomenal professionals render reliable solutions, agile conceptualization and deliver compelling innovative strategies that help our clients to achieve their goals. VB Easy creates optimum technology today for an organization future.

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common questions

Take advantage of top expertised talents that advanced tech with creative ideas and build your digital requirements with VB Easy

VB Easy’s key expertise is the dispense of reliable and well founded customized web applications, mobile applications and customize google applications.In this rapidly changing technology, we cope up with stipulations of clients, dynamic performance  and insight random innovations have been taking place in the IT industry.

We expertise in full stack software development with core focus on C++, React and react Native, Laravel, Angular Js, Magento framework, WordPress, Custom Google apps, AWS Server Management,, Java Script, Android Studio and PHP language.

We pursue robust conceptualization and rigorous policies that have been well founded 

for delivery of projects in a timely manner against consented requirements.

Build a successful team – Successful enterprise operates best and with the most longevity when employees work with a team mentality, each gets a required role and fulfilling long-term goals. 

Opt agile methodologies – Studies show that agile methodologies help us to focus on business values, improve quality and early & predictable delivery.

Greater focus on business requirements – Core focus on business requirements helps to reach business goals more efficiently. 

In a broad sense, we follow a strategic and systematic approach of management which includes studying immense understanding of the project goals, creating a list of tasks and deliverables, making a resource plan, project schedule and project budget and holding a project for a Kick off meeting.

Effective communication is a crucial element for imparting imperative details and also optimum medium for transmitting real-time information related to every aspect of a project and also the best way to establish business relationships.

Generally, we communicate with following mediums as most of our work is accomplished on a remote basis.





Google Hangouts


It completely depends on project requirements. We usually work on a time & material model which means that you are charged for a specific number of hours worked by team members per billing period.

Predominantly,  we commence a team by performing research & analysis that needs to be executed in the right direction at the right time. Certainly, Project management is equally attributed with effective team management.


Choose the right people for the job, delegate the accountabilities & authorities the team needs to complete the project.


Organise forums or  conference sessions where you and your team can share opinion, views, concerns and project status on a daily basis. It helps us to find the obstacles as well as we can reach conclusions togetherly.

Vigilant attention to maintain project confidentiality is our top most priority. To give you assurance that your information is completely protective and secure from unauthorized access.

We sign a NDA ( non disclosure agreement) upon your aspirations, so we are legally tie up to hold confidential  and proprietary information provided by you.

First and foremost, great emphasis must be placed on plan for a good Kickoff Call. VB Easy team demonstrates their understanding of the work at hand, commands their portion of the decision, and collects information they require to maneuver the campaign forward.

Core focus must air deep understanding of project requirements both within the context of business and tech objectives. Hence it may be accomplished and proceed by extensive Q&A sessions, scoping sessions or workshops for product design and development.