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Web App Development

“Designing and Developing persistent must be on the same path which is accuracy.”

One-Stop Software Development Company​

VB Easy is one of the leading Software Development Company working worldwide to offer vigorous highly competitive, client focused services, persistent supervision and transparency with guidance of our experienced professionals.

We aim to create your online business experience remarkable, eminent, dynamic, speedy and efficient. Our core purpose is to achieve your contentment by accomplishing your objectives  designing fully customized and responsive websites for your organizations that are valuable and economical at the same time.

Software Development Agency​

Build Fully Custom Products for Company with A Best Class Software And Applications

VB Easy is a custom software development company that offers wide range of  comprehensive IT Services such as  web app development,  backend development, UI and UX design, mobile app development for iOS and Android and  software consulting. VB Easy integrate approach permits them to solve complex problems quickly with stability, maintainability  and scalability. The company is smart, well experienced and possess extensive knowledge about Open source solutions( WordPress, WordPress Theme,  Joomla  and many more) customize web application development  and E- commerce solutions.  We constitute custom software applications and delineate turn key projects  to Start-ups and small medium enterprises. 

Single Page Application Development​

Predominantly, a single page application has plenty of advantages such as speed, the user can take immense benefit of a natural environment of the app without having to wait for the page reloads. Caching capabilities and Debugging with Chrome are the prominent features of Single Page App and also it can enhance process in several ways.

PWA-Progressive Web App

Progressive web apps are websites that appear like an app.We emphasise on modern technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript to build Progressive Web Application This comply to users can acquire entire information and imperative capabilities without downloading a mobile app. Interestingly , progressive web apps utilize modern web technology to deliver phenomenal app-like experiences to users.

Cloud Based Applications Development

Cloud Based Application is one among the rapidly growing segments of the data technology market. VB Easy ‘s phenomenal professional will gauge your business’s IT environment and business objectives before commencing a custom tactics to modernize and sustain your technology within the cloud. Also, an experienced team of cloud consultants explore your current infrastructure, hear your business motto and compliance needs then evaluate a reliable plan of attack for your cloud migration, deployment or management efforts.

SAAS App Development

We provide exceptional and tremendous solutions to develop Sass Apps Development. Further, Sass App Development is assessed into three parts which entails Sass Development Consulting attributes with conceptualisation and strategy development. Saas App designing to make the app user friendly and engaging and support and maintenance ensures scalability and ongoing support.

E-Commerce Platforms

Pursue latest trends and conditions in e-commerce offering the wonderful shopping experience to your customers.Our innovative and vigorous solutions cover fresh methods to reinforce customer service and order functionality. We offer multifunctional e-commerce software development including Online Stores, Shopify and marketplaces.

Business Applications

Business Applications are wont to grow productivity, to work out productivity and to perform other tasks or functions accurately. We use the optimum Business Analysis practices for software development to sustain between the business needs and therefore the IT team. We endeavour to specialize in improving security, direct integration and custom scalability.

Website Design

We design and develop websites that deliver phenomenal user experiences. We endeavour website to be unique, promising to capture your products personality and offering. Our entire websites are technically optimised and responsive across the latest devices and other platforms with custom functionality. We are accountable for the whole process from design to development and testing

Web API's Development​​

Web API is chiefly referred to as a framework that authorizes the development of HTTP services to reach out to client entities like, devices, browsers or tablets.We built web APIs and API as a Service (APIaaS). We use of HTTP/HTTPS, XML, XHTML, JSON, Java, SOAP, EDI, AJAX, TCP/IP and/or REST API development services, using PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, XML we use latest technologies to get data from all different API’s.

Third Party Apps

Formation of web applications has become a very significant requirement for all entrepreneurs, every business and industries. With third-party applications, our veterans would help to create the development of web applications much more reliable and responsive. Also third party applications provide immense benefits to organizations which includes open source continuous integration for servers and deployment.

Increase Your Business Productivity

Why do clients trust working with us ?

VB Easy always gives vigilant attention to time & punctuality which makes us unique from other organizations. We generally match up to clients’ working style, by giving preference to establish direct mode of communication and stay open to each and every aspect. We always hear their pain points and provide immense assistance by the underlying main cause for it. 

The ROI Experts

Not only do we render assistance to overcome crucial barriers  in development but also we demonstrate stick to our commitments. We enjoy delivering the projects in unexpected ways which gives our clients delighted and helps us to reward with trust.

Best Practices with testing

We provide cutting edge QA services to help businesses to initiate IT Services without any obstacles. VB Easy ensures that your custom web applications work flawlessly and can tackle any volume or load. This service unveils hidden obstacles so you can rest assured they must be addressed before issues arise. 

We endeavor to provide impeccable product quality, validate compatibility and  put key focus on  Web Testing, QA testing services, Mobile App testing, UX Testing, Functional testing, Performance Testing, Cross- browser testing, Security Testing, API Testing & much more.

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Bootstrap Development

Bootstrap is one of the renowned free and open source CSS frameworks which helps us to develop responsive web applications and mobile first websites faster and easier. Our veterans will help you to take immense pride in building your website through bootstrap as it maintains consistency, equipped with responsive layouts and speed of development.

Wordpress Development

Wordpress is the most famous open source content management system in the world, which helps in creating websites as well as blogging for business. We transform your ideas from drawing boards and build them into beautiful high-performance WordPress websites. We customize wordpress plugins or exceptional wordpress themes, templates and wordpress blogs development. Also our team helps in developing high leverage wordpress sites for your business that includes massive benefits such as flexible and adaptable for changing requirements, sites rank high in search engines, extremely responsive and user friendly.

Responsive Web design

We build indistinguishable new responsive websites from scratch to assist you tap into a brand new customer base. Our phenomenal developers may also innovate your current website, make it highly responsive and also provide full cross browser compatibility. We've made fluid concepts, flexible grid layouts, flexible media, images plus resize web content and cascading pieces of paper media queries. Our motto of responsive design is to develop web content that recognizes the visitor's screen size and orientation and modify the layout accordingly.

The things we do best

PHP Frameworks List

In the era of digitalization, each and every organization requires a solid website to cater the needs of customers effectively. We have top notch professionals who are proficient in developing web design to QA and maintenance and design of web applications using PHP. Also our developers ensure data security and confidentiality for customer interaction, low development and maintenance cost with very high performance and reliability by utilizing PHP as a incredible tool for creating websites

Drupal Development

Drupal is one of the most famous content management software. Our experts use drupal to create several websites and applications that business or enterprise require to manage every day operations smoothly. We have made great standard features, like easy content authoring, reliable performance, and excellent security with our drupal development services. We deliver exceptional drupal development services which includes drupal web designing and development, drupal theme and templates development.

PSD Responsive to HTML

VB Easy offers pixel perfect PSD to Responsive HTML conversion services at affordable cost and within allocated time. Why choose PSD to Responsive HTML? Our well versed developers keep focu on the way to maintain code structure intact during conversion, increase computer program visibility with comprehensive strategies, fast loading speed that ensures greater traffic and boost sales . More broadly, we offer an abundance of benefit to our clients by rendering high cross browser compatibility and ideal coding to succeed in their business goals efficiently.

web app development

We Love Coding

Our dedicated team creates phenomenal coding to cater your requirements effectively. Not only we put careful attention towards meticulous coding presentations but also maintain. empathy, resilience and problem solving solutions. We deliver tremendous solutions through proper coding and give seamless experience to our clients.

What We Do in PHP


With Laravel, we develop highly scalable web applications that provide assistance to manage your routine tasks with ease and also provide authentication, routing and catching. Our developers put core focus on developing web applications with laravel which includes integration of Laravel with third party libraries, optimum syntax, faster development of site, maintains confidentiality and security and it also helps in building applications with complex backend requirements.


Symfony is the optimum choice for making large-scale organizational projects. Well, why choose symfony. One of its core characteristics is that it possesses reusable PHP components. Our special experts have used symfony to boast database engine–independence and it’s stability, attributed with most web best practices and design patterns, and permits for integration with other libraries. Also, it is extremely flexible that assures to establish individual components.


We mostly recommend CakePHP frameworks to our clients as it is simple and very easy to install, we only require a web server and a copy of the framework. Also, our top notch professionals create commercial applications for enterprises, offers perfect conventions to code which in turn enable to complete projects fastly and accurately, and security features that include SQL injection prevention, input validation and cross-site scripting (XSS) protection


Mainly, we provide Core PHP frameworks to produce imperative dynamic web content. Through Core PHP we endeavour to distribute a plethora of benefits to enterprises or businesses which includes great customization from former stage to the last stage, user friendly ensures that entire websites developed on Core PHP are simple and handy, elegant syntax, cost effective and work with databases more efficiently.

Core PHP

We at VB Easy provide bespoke services with one of the popular frameworks of PHP which is Codeigniter. Our professionals usually create lightweight web applications that are compatible to run on modern servers with codeigniter. We usually use it to make dynamic websites, to provide excellent documentation, embedded security tools, emphasis on MVC architecture, simple and extremely scalable.


We offer a robust and reliable set of components to speed up web application development with help of Yii. We deliver highly secure projects, customize solutions to fulfill your requirements and empower compatibility with one of the best PHP frameworks that is Yii.

Raj worked on a number of projects for us with a constant changing scope and brief. His commitment to our projects and completing the task was second to none. Highly recommend
Got a great experience working with Raj, he is accommodating and easy to communicate with. even some of it are rush work we still manage to meet our deadlines. looking forward to working with VB easy again!
Marc Rabinowitz
Raj was great to work with: extremely communicative, fast and efficient, flexible with complex product requirements for work with Google App Scripts. I would definitely work with him again and would recommend his work to others. Being based in the US, he was very accommodating with scheduling calls and in the end was focused on quality and helping me ship the best work possible.
I have worked with Anand of VBEasy for several years, first with VBA and now with C++. All work has been completed in a timely fashion, usually quicker than expected. The developed code is clean and easy to understand. I have never had any problem with Anand failing to follow specifications or trying to 'second-guess' any of the work instructions by anticipating features which has been important since many jobs are part of larger projects that must work seamlessly together.
Taiga Host
This is a super service for everything Gsuite. VB Easy have provided some amazing solutions with Gmail, Google Sheets, Forms and Sites. We have full integration with Gmail and CRM. We pull Gmail messages into CRM and post as comments, automatically. Thanks team!!
Paul Wright
Anand assisted us with a complicated MS Word project when we were short staffed and was very dedicated to finding the solution. His work was fast and the price was affordable.
lester reandino
Very professional and friendly. Raj is highly motivated, hard working and very enthusiastic. Looking forward to work with him again.
ot sports sewing dept.
Raj is a dedicated and diligent coder and has really helped us in the implementation of our google based efficiency systems, thanks Raj!
Scott Brown
Raj is great! Happy I found him to help me with my google web apps!
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