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Mobile App Development Enhance Productivity - Manage All Your Daily Tasks Through A Single App

Building mobile applications require analytical skills, high creativity and technical knowledge. We pursue a step by step approach in designing mobile applications that includes Research, Backened, Platform,User Interface and User Experience, Clean Coding, QA Performance and Testing Skills and Analytics. We possess highly skilled app developers who are updated with the latest technology trends.

Mobile Apps Development Company

A Leading Company

VB Easy is one of the leading mobile app development companies in India specializing in building responsive applications for mobile, desktop and tablets. We are  the pioneers  among the excellent mobile app development companies in India and render trustworthy digital services to enterprises and startups.VB Easy comprises experienced engineers who develop a large range of mobile applications across the globe. Our expertise within the area of app development can raise your  business to touch heights.More broadly, we pay vigilant attention to each and every aspect of mobile app development, utilizing cutting edge technologies to create robust mobile applications. 

Technology We Use

Mobile Apps

Cross Platform Application

Cross-platform development  specifically used to build and publish apps that can run across multiple device platforms, such as iOS, Android, and the Universal Windows Platform. With tremendous changing technology requirements, cross-platform app development has emerged as a source of rendering consistent user experience on any device or platform employees use. VB Easy experts creates software, applications, or services that can be operative on more than one platform or operating system. Mainly, one of the greatest advantages attributed to Cross-platform app development is app developers are able to reuse codes similar across all platforms

React Native

With React Native, We not only create mobile & web applications, an HTML5 App or a hybrid app, but also constitute a real-time mobile application that’s indiscernible from an app created  using Objective-C or Java. At VB Easy, we deliver react native apps that ensure speed and agility for the mobile apps with responsiveness and a tremendous native app based user experience. Mainly, react native helps in creating cross platform apps also it saves a lot of time and cost to develop mobile apps on multiple platforms. 

Android Mobile and iOS Apps

With rapidly growing stipulation of Android Apps globally, our phenomenal experts help clients to match their product with the right characteristics for the right audience attributed with vigorous  strategies, design, development, latest technologies, launching and many more. VB Easy have years of  experience developing iOS applications which are recently ruling the app store. We design and create  robust  app solutions for the whole iOS platform by immense integration of the seamless experiences in close harmony with the platform to help you give reliability to your business.

Flutter App Development

Flutter is an agile and the most reactive tool that permits the creating  and deployment of UI with robust animations and a single codebase that operates on  both iOS and Android platforms. This indistinguishable and extremely reliable mobile UI framework enables us to produce high-quality native interfaces on cross platforms just within a 120 FPS record time. We emphasize focus on eye catching UI, Support and maintenance, accessibility SDKs and advanced app development approach. Our phenomenal app developers are our pride and they possess expertise  in developing apps by Flutter.

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Our Apps Development Process


VB Easy Team will design user interface for you and will show you many number of designs and will wait for approval. 

App design


Our team will develop the App according the chosen designs and the project specifications. Demo app will be published test-flight

Development tool


Testing process include team and client side to be on same page, VB Easy will submit the Apps on App store and Play store. 

Testing and Launch

Developer per week

Once App launched, VB Easy will provide maintenance as per contract with both parties, to meet Project spec.


Mobile Apps Development Solutions We Provide

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With great developer team we believe to provide 100% accuracy products to our clients.

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Custom Apps

Custom Application Development adapts easily in the fast paced business environment and generally removes the need to run multiple applications for specific business operations. Our highly skilled developers schedule a primary consultation and research analysis process to get certain about a comprehensive understanding of your business requirements. Also, we put the application in an extensive quality assurance (QA) testing process to assure our software components are consistent , efficient, dynamic, stable, error free, and optimized for conquering obstacles.

Cleaning App

We have designed multitude of platforms for Cleaning Solutions.We provide innovative and agile solutions to handle their organizational activities remarkably well. Furthermore, our team focus on competitive analysis and requirements, design and development, maintenance and support, quality assurance and testing for developing phenomenal mobile applications. With optimised technologies, we endeavour to give wings to your business. .

UX and UI

VB Easy is prominent for its simple, innovational and functional apps which produced a seamless experience. UX and UI are pivotal elements of mobile applications, user interface is the medium through which audience establish interaction with users by buttons, blocks and elements of the app and latest designing principles. User Experience helps us to know the experience of user and allows you to get insights about customer journeys on your app. We deliver excellence UI and UX for your app based on the latest trends available in the market.

Educational App

Custom educational mobile apps aid in offering high-quality personalized services persistently.. VB Easy offers scalable and convenient educational applications with optimum user experience and reliable security measures.Our well versed team have offered robust and agile methodologies to help students to learn anytime and anywhere and we endeavour to establish better learning apps with latest technologies.

Hybrid apps

Hybrid app is the combination of both native and web solutions which has been constituted with web technologies such as HTML,CSS and Javascript. Apparently, with the use of plugins these apps can have full ingress to Mobile device’s features. Our well versed team devotes more focus on availability, speed and ease of integration. Interestingly, there are some benefits attributed with Hybrid Apps which includes offline that enable users to store information online, cost efficient and affordable, consistent user experience, saves time and is easy to maintain.

Business Management Apps

Our experts have built an extremely exceptional enterprise which helps them to manage their office operations effectively, day to day activities, allocation of resources in the right manner at the right time. It offers abundance of convenience and innovation to adapt in the fast paced business environment. Our main mission is to mitigate manual requirements of organizations and utilize more time towards other imperative objectives.

Testing and QA

We pursue systematic proceedings that assures product and service quality. Our professionals probe requirements of design, development and produce reliable products, thereby achieving client objectives, company’s credibility and capability to thrive in fast paced environments.

Enterprises Apps

Integration and Deployment Proprietary Enterprise Apps Application Service Providers (ASP) Trends in Enterprise Apps, Also we perform testing to find flaws in the application.Our testing services include functional testing, Usability testing, Localization testing and Cloud based testing.

Publishing Apps to App store and Play store

VB Easy will take all care of publishing app and testing and submission of iOS and Android terms for the app, also we will make implementations along with testing and designing, after confirmation from client we will proceed to publish apps.


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