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Cloud App Development Services

Cloud app development that helps to build cloud apps that run in the cloud environment may hold cloud features and many other services offered by cloud platforms. In cloud computing services, VB Easy quick and reliable is delivering cloud native application development and cloud-only apps that efficiently employ all cloud capabilities.

Why VB Easy?

How you Benefit from cloud app development services by VBEasy

Optimized monthly cloud costs and performance 

  We design optimal resource orchestration patterns (including autoscaling for load surges in peak times), select particular cloud services    best-suited for your specific case, and establish performance testing procedures.


High development speed

We help you organize effective DevOps and continuous code delivery environment and help you select ready-to-go cloud services that you can use in the development of your app instead of writing own code.

Enhanced security

We advocate the use of encryption as well as the use of access- and component-level security to prevent cyberthreats.

Reduced migration cost

We design individual pragmatic strategies for each application and data warehouse to avoid re-development efforts and thus cut down on migration costs.

Reliability and recovery

We design fault-tolerant architectures for your cloud apps as well as recommend APM (Application Performance Management) practices to ensure high app reliability and fast recovery.

The Scope for Our Cloud Application Services

We provide end-to-end services to manage all features of cloud application setup and implementation cloud consulting for web apps, cloud app development and testing with great team, cloud app security, cloud app integration with other third party cloud app with API's and cloud app infrastructure management.


- Basic functionality
- Code analysis
- Security
- Integration Testing

We'll be Suggesting featured ideas based on your software requirements.

Cloud App Management

If needed to rebuild or revamp web app we have always suggest latest technologies before implementation of features and functions.

Cloud app UX/UI design​

We use FIGMA or other tools to design high-level functional and technical.

- UX/UI Designing

Cloud app development

- Backend Development

- Frontend Development.

Cloud app QA & Testing

- Test planning..

- Regular code reviews.

- Test automation.

Cloud app support and evolution

- Provide Admin Dashboard so it can be easily monitored.

- We provide levels of support

How We Build Our Cloud Apps ?

Scalable and Compatible apps

We do have many modules to scale up and check its compatibility with many devices and other tools before making in production. We also use load balancer for heavy traffic web portals, We reduce cost as well.

Modifiable and compatible cloud apps

We use an architecture which can be used with other tools and technology, we also make API's Documentations and give full access to source code.

Cost-efficient cloud apps​

VB Easy always keeps in mind that we reduce cost for development and server costing with high scalable and log management.

Technologies and Architecture Patterns We us