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Business Applications & Software Development


Mobile App Devlopment

Web app development

Frontend development
Backend development
Cloud-based / Enterprise / SaaS
Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
AI / IoT / Big data / Machine Learning
Continuous Delivery & Integration


Mobile app development

Cross platform app development
Native app development
React Native development
Flutter development
Android & iOS app development
Custom mobile UX/UI design

Software consulting services

Product design

Product design workshops
Scoping session
UX audits
Usability testing
Lo-Fi & Hi-Fi prototyping
Web & Mobile App UI design

web design and development

Software development consulting

Tech stack recommendation
Software Audit
Product scale up

Project management
Lean startup
Digital transformation

Consulting services

Web app Development

We aim to create your online business experience remarkable, eminent, dynamic, speedy and efficient. Our core focus is on customized and responsive websites, frontend & backend development, WordPress design and development, Laravel and PHP development and E- commerce designing and development and Logo design.

Web Based Applications

Admin Panel



Mobile app Development

Building mobile applications require analytical skills, high creativity and technical knowledge. We pursue a step by step approach in designing mobile applications that includes Research, Backend, Platform, User Interface and User Experience, Clean Coding, QA Performance and Testing Skills and Analytics. We possess highly skilled app developers who are updated with the latest technology trends..

Projects completed

Entertainment sector, Medical, Real Estate, Management and many more…

iClean VBEasy

iClean SA

With agile methodologies, immense analytical research and enterprise content management system, our team erected a website for iClean SA and helps them to reach their goals. More Broadly, we are offering Digital marketing services.

Medsymphony VBEasy


Professionals delivered a web app to renowned MedSymphony Health Industry.It rendered appropriate assistance concerned industry to record relevant data attributed with the health of patients. We transform traditional ways into robust web apps.

Delivered Projects

Smart Cleaning Soulution VBEasy

Smart Cleaning​

We have designed multitude of platforms for Smart Cleaning Solutions.We provide innovative and agile solutions to handle their organizational activities remarkably well. Furthermore, we developed a phenomenal mobile application, The Smarter Way.

Hubbell vbeasy

Hubble Real Estate​

Our experts have built an extremely exceptional Admin panel for Hubbell Real Estate Group which helps them to manage their office operations effectively. It offers abundance of conveniency and innovation to adapt in the fast paced business.

Software development consulting

In this rapidly changing technology, we have to cope up with stipulations, dynamic and insight random innovations have been taking place in the IT industry. We specialize in software development consultation services such as handling and managing the cloud platforms, IT Consultation Strategies, how to configure large applications and fixing bugs.

Software Testing

- Basic functionality
- Code analysis
- Security
- Integration Testing


- Organizational Tools
- Word processing
- Design programs
- Spreadsheet tools

Digital Revolutionize

- Business processes
- Innovation and agile technological
- Competition and Sustainability

Why do you need us?

  • Software consulting services can provide assistance to work in a cost efficient manner , improve entire software quality or overcome a troublesome project and turn it into a remarkable success.
  • In the era of rapidly advancing new technologies and dynamic business requirements, decision on the system architecture and its tech stack is with no doubt more important than you think
  • Working from the beginning with the proper guidance and instructions by right advisor can help you win the credibility and authority of product’s future users by confronting  them with highest secure standards and best practices.

Product Design

Significance of product design is in how accessible it makes content. We provide comprehensive solutions including recognizing business requirements, determining and alike them with the recent state of your or competing product. We perform market analysis, competitors analysis, business model testing and conduct surveys for better understanding.

VB Easy will design your products with latest tech tools.

web and mobo design

Web and Mobo Design

CMS (Content Management Systems)
CWA (Custom Web Apps)
CRM and ERP System
Native App
Navigation Apps Personal and Business Apps
Social Apps


UI/UX Designs

UX Planning
Mobo and Web Apps Design
UI Design
Adobe Photoshop

Wealfare Design

Wireframe Design

Wireframes are simple black and white layouts that determine the particular size and placement of page elements,
site features, conversion areas and navigation for your website.



VB Easy always executes optimum selection of digital marketing tools tailored for your organisation and your purpose for approaching us. Our services include the development of search engine optimization, social media marketing, conversion driven landing pages, Google Adwords, email marketing and advertising campaigns.

fall in love with our Digital marketing Services

Global Reach

Enhance your Global Reach

Global reach helps in increasing interactivity in the modern world. It helps to build two way communication with respective customers and also impart proper information about products and services you are offering.

social media

Easy to Measure

Web analytics and other online metric tools help us to measure the performance of how prospective email campaigns are operating, how many people are taking interest in our business and how we can achieve our digital goals.

Conversion Rates

Improved Conversion Rates

Easy conversion of reliable leads can be achieved by conversion rate. As it consists of the tactics to convert immediate responses into an optimum opportunity for the company.

Enhance Productivity

Cost Efficient vs Traditional Methods

Digital marketing is meant for each and every enterprise. With digital platforms, we can reach to wider audiences at much lower cost over traditional methods involving massive amounts of money.


Aware your competition

Competition offers you strength to be sustainable in the business world. It helps to figure what other firms are opting to touch the heights and by acquiring such information enterprise can make innovation in their upcoming strategies.

Quality Content

Quality Content

Content is the king of business. Without content we cannot demonstrate who we are, what we are selling and what are appropriate mediums and strategies we possess to raise their business and providing necessary information is the main priority of Quality Content.

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