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PHP Web App Development With MySQL Database

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PHP developer must familiar with PHP and MySQL for app development and web app development. However, as you are a beginner, you have come to the right place.

What Is PHP And MySQL Web Development?

These are very powerful open source technologies that allow a programmer and web developer to design functional sites and applications. They are tools used to develop web applications. The app or website goes beyond the basic HTML. PHP is particularly designed to generate interactive and modern websites. On the other hand, MySQL is a leading data.

You will definitely learn some new things.

A definition will be ideal to help you understand what a PHP and Mysql web development is all about.

These tools produce better results when they are used together. So as you keep reading, you will understand how PHP and MySQL work together to produce an interactive and effective web application. If you want to design web applications in no time, then you have to use these technologies.


The PHP language is written in C. This programming language is powered by a company known as the Zend Engine. PHP was initially developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in1995. Two years later, the language was rewritten by Zeev Suraski and Audi Gutmans. After the release of the 5.3 version in 2009, the programming language gained so much popularity because of its flexibility.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Advantages Of PHP

  • Easy to understand

    This technology is designed with beginners at heart. Even if you have no programming skill, PHP is very easy to understand compared to other programming languages.

  • Simple Syntax

    The syntax of this programming language is straightforward. Most programmers are comfortable coding with it. Programmers that understand C and Perl, will find this programming language easy to use. Also, their syntax is similar.

  • Free

    Yes, PHP is completely free. It is an open source web development language. Anyone can have access to it. It also has an excellent technical support community.

  • User-friendly

    Every programmer wants to use a programming language that is user-friendly. PHP gives you the flexibility you need. It is indeed a popular choice for most programmers and web developers. This programming language is more flexible than C, C++, and ASP.

  • Fast

    PHP has its’ own memory space. This reduces the workload of the server and the time used to load. The processing speed is fast.


The truth is that nowadays, virtually all open source web apps make use of MySQL. This is simply because of its compatibility with other hosting providers. It is also extremely cool to use. Popular web applications that make use of this tool are Facebook, WordPress, Drupal, Twitter, and Joomla.

Advantages Of MySQL

  • Data security

    The security of your app or website is guaranteed. The data security and support that MySQL offers will benefit a lot of eCommerce companies. It becomes even more important if you are involved in frequent money transfers.

  • Scalability

    The scalability that this technology offers is second to none. It helps you manage deeply embedded applications. Also, eCommerce sites will benefit a lot from this feature too.

  • Efficient performance

    It doesn’t matter how busy your site is, MySQL is designed to meet the most demanding applications and still operate at an optimum speed. It has a peculiar storage engine system.

  • 24/7 Uptime

    You are sure of a 24/7 uptime. It also offers a wide range of solutions such as cluster servers or slave configurations.

  • Effective transactional support

    MySQL is leading when it has to do with a robust transactional database. It has special features like unrestricted row-level locking, transactional support, etc. You are sure of instant deadlock identification via the server enforced integrity.

“Programming is about understanding with precision. Not about trying until it works” 
by  Satish Deshmukh

  • Reduced cost

    If you migrate your database apps to MySQL, you will save a lot of money. It is easy to manage and you can depend on it. It also saves you troubleshooting time. This simply means that you won’t have to waste time fixing downtime issues.

    In conclusion, what makes the difference is the combination of these powerful tools to create a website or app. It doesn’t matter how good a web development tool is, if the application is not developed properly, the final product will not be worthwhile. The PHP and MySQL are designed to accommodate even those with minimum programming knowledge. As a beginner, you can put together browser web application with little or no assistance. However, the only challenge a beginner may have is taking up complex Web application projects. For a complex project, you have to pay special attention to security, scalability, SQL execution, etc. You can reach out to a web development agency in the UK or a web development company in Australia for help.

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