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Immediate Hiring

VB Easy is looking for experienced professionals who are embedded with comprehensive skills required for digital marketing. Executives must possess a minimum 1 years of experience for applying in the above mentioned organization for a concerned profile. Also, good communication and interpersonal skills are required to meet challenges. Secondly, executives who have completed their graduation are eligible for the job. 

Below mentioned are some of the significant features we are looking for

  • Identifying new opportunities for the organization to engage with existing customers and attract new ones.
  • Executives must have deep insights about how to run  and manage marketing campaigns via email, social media, mobile marketing and local.
  • Digital marketing consultants should possess vigorous knowledge of organic and inorganic social media, video hosting, Affiliate marketing and site audit.
  • Coordinate platforms for content, such as a blog and website landing pages, using SEO to ensure that all content is search engine friendly and ranks the pages and site highly in Google and other search engines.
  • Constant monitoring with use of web analytics tools  to measure  success and ensure that optimal results are achieved. At the bare minimum, this would include Google Analytics, Google search console, and Heat map user tracking and recording.
  • Implementation of Strategies and tactics for improving company’s performance and branding which enable us to establish relationships with customers.
  • Excellent communication skills is an important skill to handle the dynamic Business environment  in the era of Digitalization.
  • Digital marketing experts must be optimised in managing time sensitive project and working to deadlines.

Fill your details and we are selecting on the basis of experience and Intern skills

VB Easy is offering wonderful opportunities for digital marketing internships that completely bring a great transformation to your career along with personality development. Also it helps the interns to enjoy and gain first hand exposure of working in a real world. Not only will it raise your growth but also adequate assistance in  achieving significant skills, the right attitude for job and strengths to manage the dynamic Business environment. Undergraduates are eligible for the probationary period, but must possess good knowledge of the digital marketing field and can able to solve problems.


  • Following are the some specific features, we would like to emphasize
  • Optimum opportunity to gain confidence, improving your skills while working on a live project with experienced consultants.
  • Perfection in skills while learning innovative and reliable methods to achieve organizational goals.
  • Get recognizable job recommendations letters to streamline your objectives.
  • There is no remuneration for trainees. They will be given only travelling allowances.

If you are having any query related to post comment here.

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Shruti Negi
Shruti Negi
05/29/2020 04:23

Hello There,

I’m from Australia, can i have Internship from your company as Digital Marketing, Does VB Easy give Certificate or experience letter for intern after complete of period?

Thank you


Raj Shakya
Raj Shakya
05/29/2020 04:24
Reply to  Shruti Negi

Hi Shruti, we provide experience letter based on your work and behaviour in hour company and skills for more info please email at Thanks Raj

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It’s easy: Share your details with your resume, we will be considering basis of experience and skills.

we are hiring now

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It’s easy: Share your details with your resume, we will be considering basis of experience and skills.

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