7 Tips to Grow Your Business in 2020

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Grow Your Business

1. Identify needs of your customers

Predominant motto of enterprise and business is to enhance their business growth and maintain goodwill among its customers. Recognizing the needs and preferences of your customers is the prior step each and every organization have to opt for running smoothly in the business environment.

2. Host Events and Webinars

Organizing events and webinars helps you to exhibit products and services you are proffering to large numbers of audiences. Not only it helps businesses to establish relationships with people but also enhances credibility and authenticity among people. Also, optimum way to participate in one on one conversations which consists of talking about various topics of common interest.

3. Persistent Monitoring

Constant Monitoring detects the flaws and problems arriving in business activities. It ensures you to refine your policies and strategies for better survival. Moreover, it supports you to analyze the results of your pivotal efforts and time. It raises productivity by seeking out what’s inefficient, degrading, or working as intended.

4. Market Expansion and Diversification

Diversification is the imperative factor in the growth of businesses. Diversification of business can be performed in numerous ways such as commencing new business, adding different segments related to products and services. Specifically, diversification is the riskiest strategy as it is most uncertain but if executed in the right direction at the right time will boost the brand image and profitability of the company.

5. Build Strong team

Employees are the ultimate asset of the company. Each and every accomplishment of the organization is attributed with employees who devote their valuable time in maintaining the reputation of the organization. However, it is an accountability of organizations to give vigilant attention to the needs of employees and offer them employee benefits to boost their morale which in turn increases productivity.

6. Opt Social Media Platforms

Social media Platforms are rendering tremendous assistance to enhance the presence of online businesses. It assures you to connect, build networking, interact and reach a large number of people simultaneously. Metaphorically, it stimulates you to promote your business and gain insights about customers behaviour and recognize the way to fulfill stipulations of clients. One of the predominant advantages of social media is that it doesn’t attribute to cost.

7. Nurture the needs of existing customers

To attain business growth, organizations must be careful about their existing customer base. They must opt strategies to be in contact with existing customers via email, webinars and newsletter.

Job Opening for Web Development and Designing

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Web Designing and Development

VB is looking for optimistic personnel  who must possess comprehensive knowledge about Web Development and designing and other relevant features attributed with it. Applicants must consist of at least one year experience, will be eligible for the concerned profile, and also have good command over creativity and communication skills. Moreover, an aspirant should have qualities such as curiosity to learn and perform innovative tasks, openness, passion to work in a dynamic environment and problem solving mindset.

Here are some responsibilities that candidates should cater to thrive objectives of organization. We have mentioned significant skills and capabilities associated with the concerned post, it’s our appeal to job seekers to have a sharp glance on it.

  • Applicants must have at least three server side scripting languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C++, C#, Ruby.
  • Applicant must have good knowledge of databases includes MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Candidates must have excellent  knowledge about the different platforms, browsers latest technologies, optimized coding and skills.
  • Job Seeker should have perfect knowledge of front end and Back end development and responsive design skills  to handle the projects efficiently
  • Aspirants must have proper libraries(Bootstrap, jQuery, Google Charts, D3.js a Parsley React) and frameworks( Angular, NodeJs, Amber, Vue).
  • Candidates must possess optimum basic knowledge of design software including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ILLustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw Graphics Suite, Quarkxpress, AdobeCS, Typography, Print Design, Photography and Branding.
  • Job Seekers must have command over communication skills as to cater the organization accountabilities in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Exceptional Qualities such as time management skills, organizational skills, creativity and innovation are highly recommended.
  • Contribution and cooperating with team members to complete the organizational objectives in a timely manner.

Candidates fill your initial Interview details

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Upload your passport size photo

For HQ

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Immediate Hiring for Experienced SEO

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We are hiring

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Immediate Hiring

VB Easy is looking for experienced professionals who are embedded with comprehensive skills required for digital marketing. Executives must possess a minimum 1 years of experience for applying in the above mentioned organization for a concerned profile. Also, good communication and interpersonal skills are required to meet challenges. Secondly, executives who have completed their graduation are eligible for the job. 

Below mentioned are some of the significant features we are looking for

  • Identifying new opportunities for the organization to engage with existing customers and attract new ones.
  • Executives must have deep insights about how to run  and manage marketing campaigns via email, social media, mobile marketing and local.
  • Digital marketing consultants should possess vigorous knowledge of organic and inorganic social media, video hosting, Affiliate marketing and site audit.
  • Coordinate platforms for content, such as a blog and website landing pages, using SEO to ensure that all content is search engine friendly and ranks the pages and site highly in Google and other search engines.
  • Constant monitoring with use of web analytics tools  to measure  success and ensure that optimal results are achieved. At the bare minimum, this would include Google Analytics, Google search console, and Heat map user tracking and recording.
  • Implementation of Strategies and tactics for improving company’s performance and branding which enable us to establish relationships with customers.
  • Excellent communication skills is an important skill to handle the dynamic Business environment  in the era of Digitalization.
  • Digital marketing experts must be optimised in managing time sensitive project and working to deadlines.

Fill your details and we are selecting on the basis of experience and Intern skills

VB Easy is offering wonderful opportunities for digital marketing internships that completely bring a great transformation to your career along with personality development. Also it helps the interns to enjoy and gain first hand exposure of working in a real world. Not only will it raise your growth but also adequate assistance in  achieving significant skills, the right attitude for job and strengths to manage the dynamic Business environment. Undergraduates are eligible for the probationary period, but must possess good knowledge of the digital marketing field and can able to solve problems.


  • Following are the some specific features, we would like to emphasize
  • Optimum opportunity to gain confidence, improving your skills while working on a live project with experienced consultants.
  • Perfection in skills while learning innovative and reliable methods to achieve organizational goals.
  • Get recognizable job recommendations letters to streamline your objectives.
  • There is no remuneration for trainees. They will be given only travelling allowances.

If you are having any query related to post comment here.

Feedback And Ratings


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What are the advantages of digital marketing

Digital And Branding Marketing1..

What are the advantages of digital marketing?

10 Basic rules to boost business

Before commencing digital marketing, clients must gain deep insights into what exactly digital marketing is ? How would it be beneficial to specific businesses? What are appropriate sources to commence digital marketing?.

1 Digital marketing is one of the most important and efficient tools for advancing business growth along with that it helps you to empower your brand and services to an abundance of demographics. Digital marketing helps organizations to conquer their digital goals and establish connections with a wide range of people simultaneously. Several enterprises have been gaining tremendous benefits by opting modern techniques of digital marketing over traditional marketing. Inherent features of Digital Marketing strategies increase client base in a very short period of time.

In the era of digitalization, it is essential to grasp and understand the immense benefits of digital marketing.

2 Enhance your GlobalReach

Digital marketing is the appropriate medium to connect with people worldwide, it is not constrained to geographic areas. It appears like your storefront is operative all day long. Interestingly, it is accessible to a global audience, one can easily share relevant content every time to understand the customer’s preferences. Furthermore, Global reach permits us to achieve new revenue potential which means larger base of customers, diversifying enterprise markets, improving your company’s reputation and international presence.

3 Aware about your competition

Competitive spirit is necessary to survive in the competitive business environment. Organizations should always keep an eagle eye to monitor what other competitors are pursuing to obtain an upper hand.

4 Improved Conversion Rates

Transforming a customer online is not a big deal. All you require to opt is just to create your innovative marketing strategy and engage one. Optimized and targeted traffic increases chances for conversion. With digital marketing, you can reach out to your customers at any time. Instead of disturbing them with multitude of phone calls, approaching customers online seems to be an optimum idea. Just send an email and let them make an immediate purchase and learn grabmore information about your organization. From such interactions, important leads can be generated, which would eventually bring an increase in conversion rates.

5 Easy to Measure

It’s imperative to constantly monitor and ascertain success of your online marketing whereas traditionally you have to wait for long periods of time to determine reliability of campaigns. But in the era of digital marketing, permit users to track performance about their email campaigns with email marketing software and web analytics how effectively they are running. Predominantly, Google Analytics and Google Adwords are one of the most convenient and effective tools to oversee how many people viewed their relevant
Ads and emails.

Adwords Script to pause actual CPA1

6 Cost Efficient than Traditional Methods

According to recent studies and surveys, many organizations have proclaimed that digital marketing is an affordable method of promoting goods and services online. It also gives immense advantages to small businesses and startups who have limited capital and helps them to acheive their objectives successfully. While, traditional marketing comprises an abundance of hefty funding on advertising and marketing as well as it consumes plenty of time to acquire better results.

7 Credibility and build brand development

Businesses can use their digital platforms to establish their company’s reputation. A well-developed website possessing a blog featuring quality and imperative articles, a social media channel that is highly interactive are some of the ways by which a business can build its brand.

8 Quality Content

The purpose of content is to educate users, give them relevant answers about their doubts and questions. Content is the only way to involve, engage and impart them information they are looking for without content you cannot win the customer’s heart . It is the only way to reach your favourable audience and target customers. In the age of information, getting the right message to the right customer at the right time is crucial.

“investing amount without generating revenue is wasting of money” 

9 Higher ROI from Campaigns

One of the main benefits from Digital Marketing is Higher ROI. Different marketing campaigns helps us to convert massive amounts of generated traffic into genuine leads and sales which equally contribute to greater revenue by organisation. With web analytics and online metric tools you can easily monitor and track methods so that we can get recognized and work on specific changes.a properly planned and well targeted digital marketing campaign reach the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.

10 Easy to Share

With reliable marketing channels that entails features and capabilities which permits campaigns to spread information to multiple audiences simultaneously. More broadly, it also helps in securing the consumers feedback about your brand and services. Ironically it increases the client base for your organizations and gives them appropriate recognition to survive in the market. Interestingly, enterprises can promote their goods and services by opting and initiating different marketing campaigns such as Email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns and Affiliate marketing.

Comment on it, if you have any query?

How to design websites and why

web design and development

How to design websites and why

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Identifying Requirements

Before commencing your online business, we do analytical research. It helps us to take relevant and informed decisions, key areas to invest your money in. We always provide deep insights about current market trends, customer’s preferences and pain points  and effective strategies to our clients, so they can stay ahead of the competition. 

Search Engine Optimisation  

SEO is a crucial part of Web development, it brings higher rank in search engines along with substantial increase of potential customers to site and finally increases conversion rates. We boost search engine rankings by entailing appropriate keywords in website content, social media marketing, reliable links and quality web content.

Web compatibility

We endeavour to ensure website compatibility on different browsers and platforms. It is important to assure that your website is compatible, as the internet users use all kinds of browsers. More broadly, website compatibility helps to reach a large number of audience, widens scopes for business and consequently increases leads.

A Mobile Ready Version


Formerly, developers used to design websites for computer or limited devices only. Now in this modern era, we have been seeing an alarming increase in smartphone and tablet users because of affordable cost. We are designing responsive websites which enables enterprises to use website layout and adjust to all screen sizes on which its being browsed.

Clear Navigation

When creating your navigation strategy, you should give importance to  call to action. What is it that you crave visitors to execute on your site? Fix an appointment ? Email for a quote? Become an employee ? Get a discount ? Call to discuss queries ? Make your objective, apparent and fascinating.

Quality Web Content

Content demonstrates your expertise on what you can do for your customers and it establishes connections with visitors by providing imperative information they are looking for. We use CMS platforms such as  WordPress, CCMS, Web Content Management System (WCMS) to update fresh and reliable content. 

Social Media Integration

Integrate social media on websites help you to reach large audiences and act as a catalyst for driving more traffic to your website. There are immense benefits of Social Media Integration on website as enterprises can empower website through visual social media content, increase your conversion rate and sales and last but not least deliver remarkable customer experience.

Now you must have a question in a mind ? Why do we need websites 

According to the latest research, experts proclaimed each and every field of the business spikes with websites.Website is one of the pivot platforms for all the organisation. It becomes necessary to have a website of your own for surviving in the modern era. In other words, websites act as an identity card for businesses without a website no one will identify what type of product and services you are offering. Opting, online business presence helps you to reach a large number of audience simultaneously.Also, 

Also, a website is a greatest source for a business to portray itself to its potential clients and how it wants to be seen. When a client looks at a website, they are able to get their questions clear by securing an abundance of knowledge for their doubts. In the Twentieth century, it is the need of an hour for entire organisations to have a web presence regarding the products and services you are forming.

Optimum website has to be compatible with web browsers such as Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome among others. Building a good website is not easy especially when you are not a web development professional but this should not be an issue since there are various open source platforms such as Drupal, Laravel, Joomla and WordPress among others. The one advantage of using these platforms is that they are available free of charge.

We design and develop websites that deliver phenomenal user experiences. We endeavour website to be unique, promising to capture your brand personality and offering. All our websites are technically optimised and responsive across the latest devices, with custom functionality if required. We can manage the whole process from design to development and testing. Alternatively, if you already have the designs, we can complete the CMS integration for you.

We commence our process with a 4 Steps approach which includes identifying the requirements associated with online business, research analysis, planning & organising and proper documentation measure success.

 We are rendering affordable  Web Designing & Development services and offer trusted web solutions with extremely surprising results across the globe .Furthermore, our website designing & development perfectionist offers reliable high tech quality services to clients.

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Covid-19 | VB Easy | Web Apps and Mobile Apps Development | Digital Marketing Agency

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Covid-19 | VB Easy - Web Apps and Mobile Apps Development | Digital Marketing Agency

Source from https://www.google.com/covid19/

Reviews on Covid-19

VB is fully operational, we’re working to do our part by ensuring the safety of our employees, trying to protect the health and well-being of the communities in which we operate, and providing technology, tips and resources to our clients to help them do their best work while remote. We are happy to discuss your software development requirements today

Adverse effects on business have been faced by several  IT industries. In these difficult times we shouldn’t lose hope, we must be consistent, opt tactics and strategies to overcome this global pandemic. The truth is there is a way to endure and to thrive in an ever-changing dynamic environment. It’s through innovation.

Moreover, we are providing and awaking the people about the facts of developing Coronavirus and also we have made various customized applications to stop malicious activities which have shown greater spike to evade from these types of unauthorized content and scams we are constantly informing people about each and every aspect of Covid-19.

We all are facing  an unprecedented crisis of the coronavirus pandemic. On a positive note, time has arrived for the entire nation  to realize its responsibilities and opt social distancing for the greater common good.It is time to beat the pandemic by joining our hands together for the sake of national security. 

We salute to Corona Warriors who serve their nation, who are real heroes of our nation, who are working round the clock to cure people of their nation from global pandemic Covid-19. National Unity is the foundation of Global Solidarity which means our little efforts can save us from devastation of Covid-19. VB Easy wants to admire gratitude for each and every person who contributed their best to protect our country.

Our Technology

Web Design And Development

Software Development Consulting

Mobile Apps Development

Digital And Branding Marketing

Custom Google Apps Development

Custom Microsoft Apps Development

VB Easy also admires stringent initiatives that have been taken by the government to handle the situation very attentively. Persistent proclamation to secure the nation from worldwide pandemic is a great accomplishment . More broadly, during this critical scanerio, the IT sector has utilized its exceptional digital technology and capabilities launched Aarogya Setu App which helps people to recognize the risk of contracting covid 19.

Our experts


Raj Shakya


Janus Suarez


Satish Deshmukh

VB Easy appeals to you to stay home, stay positive, spend time with your family and friends. It is a time to read those books which are kept on your shelf for a long time and create plans for your upcoming projects, spend time with your colleagues, listen to their views, commence learning new things ,to make paper plans and pursue those innumerable things that you cannot start due to shortage of time.

Our clients