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4th Anniversary
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What is Google AdWords and the way does it work?

Adwords Script to pause actual CPA1

Google adwords

1.What is Google AdWords and the way does it work?
If you’re new to the search marketing world or simply need a plain-English description of certain phrases and tools in digital, then you’ve come to the proper place. Here we’ll be watching Google AdWords, Google’s own advertising service which allows you to put search results for your website on an enquiry engine results page (SERP) by paying for them. There’s no have to look forward to your new site to figure its way organically up the rankings. By using paid search you’ll be able to see immediate results and it’s not nearly as difficult to use or expensive as you’ll think.

2. Paid search
Paid search is that the term we use for advertising within the listings of a groundwork engine. At the instant Google places a little yellow ‘Ad’ label on them. Google isn’t the sole computer program where you’ll do that, Yahoo and Bing also run their own advertising network, called the Yahoo Bing Network. For now though, let’s take a glance at Google AdWords… If you would like your ad to look the least bit, you have got to bid against other marketers on what quantity you’re willing to pay Google AdWords whenever a searcher clicks on your ad. Obviously the more you pay-per-click (PPC) the more likely your ad will appear within the search results. However, and this can be an enormous however, unlike other real-time bidding models, it’s not just the best bid that’s taken under consideration. Google also uses something called a ‘quality score’.

3. Quality score
Google looks at how relevant and useful your ad is to the searcher and also the search terms they’ve used. It also looks at what percentage clicks your ad has received previously, also referred to as its click-through rate (CTR) and the way relevant your landing page is. For instance if the searcher types ‘Nike Air Max’ and your advert appears saying “buy Nike Air Max here”, once the ad is clicked this must lead the searcher on to a page featuring Nike Air Max trainers. If it just goes to your generic homepage, it’s not adequate. The higher your quality score, the better. of course whether or not your maximum bid is a smaller amount than a rival bidder, you continue to may appear above their ad if your quality score is healthier

4. Bidding
You pay Google AdWords when your ad is clicked. the worth you’re willing to purchase each click is named cost-per-click (CPC). You can pick a maximum bid amount, and if you select the automated option, Google chooses the bid amount for you within your budget, and theoretically brings you the foremost clicks possible within that budget. It is also known from another common option called cost-per-impression (CPM). This is often where you pay the program for each 1,000 times your ad appears on the SERP. The user doesn’t have to click-through. You can make a choice from either method. The time it takes for Google AdWords to seem in any respect the relevant advertisers bidding for a groundwork term, decide whether there’ll be an auction or not, hold that auction, figure out which ad offers a mix of highest maximum bid + quality score and at last serves that ad on the results page, is that the time it takes for somebody to A search term into Google and receive the results. Which is about 0.26 seconds.

5. Drawbacks
According to recent studies, AdWords works so optimally that one study revealed that 45% of visitors and users are unaware that Google Adwords are adverts. Searchers may easily ignore organic search results further down, counting on the standard of their screen (or eyesight).

6. Alternatives Yahoo Bing Network (YBN):
Within the US, this network accounts for 29% of online search, and in keeping with its own data, searchers on the YBN spend 23% more within the same sites found on other search engines. Search engine optimisation (SEO): all the methods, tactics and processes by which you’ll be able to increase the likelihood of your website appearing, and possibly ranking highly within the organic (non-paid for) programme results. If you utilize cracking SEO, then you’ll not even have to do paid search. However many marketers will recommend that both are vital to go looking at marketing and complement one another effectively. Here’s an honest beginner’s guide to SEO.

7. What’s Google AdWords?
To give you a brief explanation, Google AdWords is a web advertising service created by Google to help marketers reach their auidence instantly. When someone searches on Google for a specific term, say ‘travel packages’, Google would throw a listing of searches for you. But if you look closely, you’ll notice that the highest and also the bottom results are generally ads.

Type of ads in Google AdWords

A) Search ads

The ones marked “Ad” are ads. And, the results below that are organic. Google considers many factors before deciding which ad to display first, additionally because of the sequence of ads that follow. We’ll discuss those factors, their relative importance, the correlation between various factors etc. in a very very more detailed chapter later. But, let’s take a fast examine them:

Important factors in search ads

Targeting – As an example, your ads are visiting be shown within the geography that you just simply choose (you can go as specific because the ZIP code)

Search term and keyword – what’s being sought for by the user + the keyword that you just just optimize the ad for. Ad copy relevance – Ads that appear for a particular search term should be relevant. a quest for colleges shouldn’t throw results for travel packages.

Landing page experience – Why Landing page mandatory ? Landing page is that helps you to drive more traffic more traffic to your website and also termed as sales page. Approx 60% organizations use landing page to acquire genuine lead.

Conversion rate – It is certainly a true fact that conversion rate is totally attributed with relevance, landing page quality, and knowledge.

Bids – If 2 advertisers have perfect ads and landing pages, the upper bid will get preference over the lower one.

Quality score: Quality score associated with features and factors described above. So, it’s more of a cycle than everything else. Everything is interrelated. In addition to the standard search ads, you’ll also run these special ads in the search network.

Call-only ads – Calls ads are built to encourage visitors to approach your business After clicking the ad, instead of taking you to a landing page, you create a call directly.

Dynamic ads– Dynamic ads are designed and reliable for businesses who have a well-managed and operative website. This will be because the content of the ad moreover because the landing pages are taken dynamically from the net site. they’re very almost like text ads, except that no keywords are involved here.

Search ads -. A user searches for “java courses”. Google displays a listing of ads. But dynamic ads would automatically replace the ad headline with “java course” (the search query) and thus the ad text with the relevant website content and landing page”.

Mobile app promotion- These kinds of ads are suitable for appropriate mobile applications and number of mobile users increasing day by day. The main motto goal of this ad is to encourage and attract visitors to download your app or take a desired action within the app.

B) Display ads
Have you ever noticed them? While you’re reading a post or viewing a video on some random website, you see ads in an exceedingly very lot of assorted places on the page, and in several dimensions. These are display ads. Here the searcher isn’t explicitly looking for what’s ad offers. But, supported form of things like keywords, audience interest, managed placements etc, Google decides to point them to you. These display ads only appear on advertising-supported websites.
Below are the targeting criteria, supported which Google selects the websites to position the banner ads.

Keywords – Usually, ads represent keywords that are highly optimized. To cite an example, say the keyword for the ad is “Content Media Marketing”, then Google would choose particular websites that have content on the topic.

Placements – Placements are nothing but the websites on which you would like your ad to look. Just add the websites where you would like to point the ads, instead of keywords. for instance, if you’d wish to indicate your ads only on travel related websites, then hunt for advertising supported travel sites and add them to your targeting.

Remarketing – This helps you reconnect along with your existing website visitors.

Topic – Predominantly, some specific and significant topics in AdWords, under which all websites are grouped. it’ll be easier for the advertisers to choose topics related to the businesses. for example, websites related to travel are listed under the topic.

C) Shopping ads
If you’re a retailer, this campaign type would make more sense for you. This ad type boosts traffic to your website and helps in generating quality leads additionally as increasing your conversions.

This is how shopping ads would seem on the search network.

Process For running shopping ads:

Establish an account with Google Merchant Center (It could be a platform that helps retailers to upload all their product listings during a specific format).
Setup an account with Google AdWords & link them together.
Submit updated product data every 30 days to Google Merchant Center.
Since both the tools are linked together, shopping ads take all the merchandise details from Google Merchant Center, matches the search query and displays relevant ads to the user.

D) Video ads
This Kind of advertisement tells advertisers to run video ads on various search engines such as YouTube and other Google Display Networks.

The 3 predominant advantages of running video ads are:

Better targeting – This ad type has demographic, location, interest, keyword and device targeting which helps you reach the correct audience on YouTube and Google Display Network.

More reach to auidence – As of January 2017, YouTube is the 3rd most visited website and has 30 million visitors on a daily basis. Additionally, video ads also are available on Google Display Network. This suggests that you simply have access to a wider audience.

Measurable – Metaphorically, advertising on TV, YouTube ads allow you to get confronted with significant metrics which includes views, view rate, clicks, reach and frequency, engagement, performance etc. It helps you measure the success of video ads.

E) Universal app campaign
Universal app campaigns are one of the best privileges to businesses for promoting mobile apps. Now advertisers can enhance and promote the mobile app across search, PlayStore, Display & YouTube. AdWords uses ad text ideas and other assets right associated with app store listings. All you wish to try to to is provide some text, a budget. and a starting bid. Also, don’t forget to line languages and locations for the ad.
By utilizing all this information, AdWords itself designs a range of ads in numerous formats. Google will automatically test different ad combinations and display the one that performs the most effective

Top 10 benefits of WordPress Useful for building website

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Top 10 benefits of WordPress Useful for building website

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress

WordPress is the most famous open source content management system in the world, which helps in creating websites as well as blogging for business. WordPress empowers both backend of website ( add content, databases and customize screen options and login page) and  frontend of website. Moreover, wordpress is considered one of the most versatile platforms for developing a variety of websites from blogging to business websites. Traditionally, wordpress was used for creating blogging but now you can build every type of website with wordpress. According to usage statistics of content management systems, approx 37% of all the websites on the internet are empowered by WordPress.

How many types of websites can you develop with wordpress?

With wordpress, you can build an abundance of websites. Below are the examples of websites   you can create with wordpress.

Business Websites – WordPress offers you easy tools to manage your website and allows you to rapidly establish your online business. Interestingly, many renowned and powerful brands are using wordpress to enhance their business opportunities.

Blogs – WordPress is an excellent platform for blogging. All you require to start your blogging website is a good domain name, web hosting account and your precious time. You can simply share your content, ideas and belifes  with millions of people through blogging.

E- Commerce Website–  E- commerce is the platform for buying and selling goods and services online and collection of payments through online payment gateways. WordPress comprises tremendous plugins such as Woocommerce, WPEcommerce which transforms your website into a functional online store.

E- learning Website –  In the present scanerio, students are very much interested in learning online due to busy schedules.To maintain a rational balance between studies and other activities they prefer learning online. WordPress provides you exceptional plugins to create e – learning websites.

Portfolio Websites –  You can easily represent your artwork, design skills  to your WordPress Site. It helps you to connect with the right audience and make your portfolio website accessible to others and represent people to learn about your skills.

Multilingual Websites – With wordpress, you can create multilingual websites. WordPress provides you multilingual plugins to develop your website in favourable language.

Forums –  WordPress offers the best plugins to design several types of forums. You can start your own question and answer website and collect information about various topics.

Membership Sites –  A membership site invites visitors to pay to access certain areas or content on your site. There are certain benefits of creating membership sites on wordpress such as great revenue, reduce work, establish authority and enhance your email marketing.

Job Board –  WordPress is one of the tremendous platforms to post and create jobs. You can post, find and apply for the concerned profile by creating a job website on wordpress.

You can create different types of websites with WordPress and give your online business seamless experience along with optimum business growth.

Why should you opt WordPress?

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should opt wordpress for building your website.

WordPress is an Open Source Software 

Open Source Software means which is usually accessible to everyone to gather knowledge. Thousands of developers around the world are contributing and modifying to open source development by making it a more optimum platform. The essence of wordpress is an open source software lies in continuous improvements, changes in the software without cost, creating attractive themes and accessible to everyone.

WordPress is Flexible 

WordPress offers you to build various types of websites you want to build. It allows complete control over the functionality and graphics of your website. Moreover, it provides you open code access, a large professional community and an infinite number of themes, plugins and tools to make your website more fascinating. It easily adapts persistent changing and innovative trends of online media.

WordPress automatically boosts SEO

WordPress automatically boosts search engine optimization of your website. It enables you to increase your site visibility in Google and other search engines by establishing categories and tags, creating seo friendly URLs. Also, you can use one of the most famous plugins for seo that is Yoast which aids you to create title tags and meta descriptions, how effective you are in targeting keywords and gives you other significant recommendations too.

Cost Efficient

WordPress is considered as a cost effective development platform because it is open-source in nature and allows free usage to everyone. The design and development as well as the maintenance expenses of a WordPress site are relatively affordable. However, all you need to purchase is domain name and wordpress web hosting to get recognition on the web.

Simple and Easy to handle

Creating a website on wordpress helps you to save your precious time and devote your time to other imperative areas of business. Earlier, developing websites requiring high technical skills as developers and designers must have complete grasps about HTML, CSS, and compliance standards.It was quite a long and frustrating process.But now wordpress has eliminated these  technical obstacles, anyone can build a website on wordpress with few computer skills.


WordPress is a completely confidential and secured platform for developing online business presence, it protects your website from malware activities. WordPress hosting service plays a predominant role in securing your wordpress website as they persistently monitor the suspicious activities and they continuously update their software and hardware up to date to beware from security threats.

WordPress provides Plugins extends Functionality

WordPress plugins directory comprises hundreds of plugins that makes it easy to modify your website and enhances user experience. Also, wordpress plugins allows you to add and enable more features to your site such as seo backups, contact forms, shopping carts and galleries.

WordPress allows EasyContent Management System

Specifically, WordPress is a content management system software, it has multiple features which permits you to  create, edit, organize and publish content. Moreover, publishing your content on wordpress sites doesn’t attribute a single penny and is reachable to everyone at any time. One of the greatest merits is adding and updating content on wordpress sites that don’t require any technical skills.

Responsive Web design

With WordPress you can build indistinguishable responsive websites from scratch to assist you tap into a brand new customer base. Also, innovate your current website, make it highly responsive and provide full cross browser compatibility. However, responsive capabilities of WordPress sites attributes with themes and plugins you are using. In the last five years, there has been a persistent increase in the number of mobile users, which stipulates options for responsive web design.


WordPress allows you to build your own website’s network, fast and easy, timely and resources. Furthermore, a simple page with proper theme and appropriate plugins arranged properly can give you millions of visitors. More Broadly, there are some critical areas where you need to focus on your wordpress sites for higher traffic such as database loading, proper logging data and media resources.

How to Create a Spreadsheet in Google Docs


How to Create a Spreadsheet in Google Docs?

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Google Apps


Google Apps Script





In those days, a paper was the only alternative for cataloguing a large amount of data. With the introduction of computers, you now have other ways to document your information.

Let’s go back to history a little.

The VisiCalc was the first spreadsheet and it was introduced in 1979. This eliminated any form of a physical compilation of data, calculation of values, and paper spreadsheets. However, the only challenge was that the worksheet was attached to a particular machine.

Time travel to 30 years later!

Google introduced the first spreadsheet online in 2006. It was known as Google Doc Suit. Since its introduction, it has gone through several updates and modifications. You can now download and install it as an app on your mobile device.

With that brief history lesson, it’s time to hit the ground running.

Getting started

To kick things off, here are some terminologies that you should acquaint yourself with.

  1. Cell – A single element
  2. Column – Vertical set of cells
  3. Row – Horizontal set of cells
  4. Range – A collection of cells that extends to a row or column
  5. Function – A spreadsheet app that is used to calculate a cell, row or range.
  6. Formula – It is the combination of cells, rows, or functions to attain a specific result.
  7. Worksheet – The set of rows and columns that make up a sheet.
  8. Spreadsheet – The whole document.
  9. File – Click on the “File” to either open, import, save, rename, or publish your data, etc.
  10. View – This tab has to do with displaying function.
  11. Insert – This provides the avenue to insert images, links, etc.
  12. Format – You can make your letter italics or bold. Click to see other functions.

How to open a spreadsheet?

You know what? Using Google is completely free. It works on any device. You can use it on your tablet, Android, iOS, or Windows devices. So it will be easy to apply the instructions you get as you keep reading.

All you need to kick off is a web browser (that is if you are using it on your computer). However, you can download the app for free via your Google account. If you are using your PC, visit sheet.google.com, andyou are good to go.

If you want to create a new worksheet in Google, there are three methods that can be used.

  1. Tap the “New” tab on the Google Drive dashboard. Choose “Google Sheets”
  2. Tap the menu within the spreadsheet and click on “File > New Spreadsheet”
  3. Press “Blank” or choose a template on the Google sheet page.

If you follow these steps, this will open a new blank page. It is always best to start with a blank page asa beginner than on a pre-populated template. The Google worksheetis similar to Microsoft’s interface. The icons and other features are similar.

How to add data to a spreadsheet?

After you have created a blank sheet, the next step is to add data. Just select the cell of your choice and start inputting your data. Assuming you don’t want to type all the information manually, you can choose to add data to your blank sheet through these methods;

  1. Tap the “Enter” button to save data. It will also move the cursor beginning of the next row.
  2. Tap the “Tab” button to save and move the cursor to the right side of the same row.
  3. Press the “Arrow” keys (left, right, up, and down) to move from one cell to another.
  4. Tap any cell to jump to it.

To copy and paste is very easy, but in some situations, it may seem challenging.It’s usually the case if you want to copy a “spreadsheet y” type of data from a website or PDF. Most times, all the information just paste in a cell. The only way to solve this problem is to ensure that is in an HTML table. This will help you avoid pasting a funky data.

Google spreadsheets have made life easier for content marketers. Preparing data no longer take so much effort and time like in the past. Several people can work within the same document simultaneously. You can save, rename, resend different versions back and forth. This innovation is also replicated in the Google apps script.

PHP and MySQL Web Development


A good app developer should be familiar with PHP and MySQL web development for app development and web app development. However, as a beginner, if you are not, you have come to the right place. You will definitely learn some new things.

A definition will be ideal to help you understand what a PHP and Mysql web development is all about.

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