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5 Easy Steps to Build a Android Mobile Application in 2020



What is Mobile Application?

Mobile Application is termed as app or software application which is specifically designed and developed to run on mobile devices and wireless computing devices.

Types of Mobile Application

Native Application –  

Native Applications are created for a specific mobile operating system like windows, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. The predominant merit of native apps is incredible user experience and tremendous performance. Developers  and veterans can take advantage of a wide range of APIs that helps in increasing the development process and no restriction on app usage. Native applications are more reliable and secure than web based applications as it offers assurity of users data protection whereas web based applications on different browsers with latest technologies. Also, native apps can be accessed exclusively from App stores and installed immediately into your device. Native Apps consists of few drawbacks that development of native application includes higher cost comparatively  to other mobile applications

Hybrid Application –   Hybrid Application is the combination of both native and web applications. You can create hybrid applications with modern web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Java script. Hybrid applications are quite famous as they permit veterans to write codes and use the same code for all multiple platforms. Moreover, it is one of the easiest and fastest applications to develop considered optimum benefit. The advantage of hybrid application is low cost of maintenance along with that it works both offline and online . On the contrary, it has few demerits such as less speed and performance. 

Web Application 

Web Application is an application software that is functional with the optimum Internet Connectivity.. In simple words web based applications use web browsers and technology to implement operating activities over the internet. Web applications are often coded in browser supported languages that include Java, HTML and CSS; these languages are deployed on the web browser to maintain program functionality.  Also web based applications accommodates on multiple platforms instead of OS ( operating system). Web applications are not associated with hard drives that accelerate the space limitations.

How to create an android application for your business ?

Following are the steps mentioned under that helps you to develop the application efficiently and effectively.

Have proper knowledge of Android Programming and Coding languages

Development language for your application should be selected wisely that assists you to run your mobile application smoothly and have the optimum result out of it.

Creating an Android Application requires  knowledge of two most popular languages Java and Kotlin. A Large part of Android is written in Java. Also, java has an abundance set of libraries which offers functionalities for graphics implementation, mathematical functions, visualization and networking.

Benefits of Java in developing Mobile applications.

Java is Cost effective development language for creating an application and also brings a high rate of investment.  For any organization, cost is considered a major factor. Thus, it is chosen by veterans to large extent.

Java is simply a designed language and easy to use comparatively to other programming languages. On the other hand, java is considered to be an object oriented programming language that permits you to create modular programs and encapsulation.

Java is attributed with dynamic programming and automatic programming management more than other development languages because of bytecode. Reusable code which means source code written in one platform can be utilized across multiple platforms.

Another prevalent language for developing an Android App is Kotlin. Kotlin is a compatible and statically typed programming language. It helps to improve abstractions, syntax and interoperability,

Arrange Code of the App effectively

Organizing and code the app efficiently  is one of the most significant steps where you encapsulate the functionality of an app. Also at the backend stage  where developers handle exchange data between the end users and server side or a cloud server. Optimum organized code structure indulges separating classes into distinct packages according to their objectives and also proper naming for resource files.

Emphasis on User Interface

Proper layouts and designs are an imperative part of application development. Impressive and fascinating layout helps in the developing the interest and interaction between the users and app.  User Interface includes call to action buttons, different graphical structures, visual design ( space, colors, layouts, images), mood boards and dynamic prototyping.  Having optimum User Interface helps you to acquire new customers and increase in engagement rate . Also, better UI structures enhance productivity and customer satisfaction which enables you to gain competitive advantage in a dynamic business environment.

Must have knowledge of appropriate development tools and environment

It is imperative to possess the accurate knowledge of automation tools as well as the integrated development environment before creating an application.The main folders you can used for building android app are Android studio, the Eclipse and Gradle  that definitely helps you to grasp basics along with that you can improve code and built it efficiently. Also there is a great advantage to developers that is the code which is already mentioned in the main page which is usually known as boilerplate code. The primary objective of boilerplate code is that it can be used over and over again. It can be used in many places without any alteration. It is reusable code.

Publishing App on google play store

After creating an application it’s the right time to publish and submit the application at google play store. There are some specific conditions you should remember before submitting an application to google play store.  All you require to have some screenshots of desired application in high quality, good description and purpose of the application and most importantly  an APK file. Moreover, you must focus on the size of application, appropriate size is 100 MB. Larger size of app can be termed as disadvantage to users as well as expensive for users to download.


In a nutshell to have optimum application for your enterprise and business you must have creative ideas to initiate the development as well as proper knowledge of programming language. Android Developers in VB EASY offers robust and agile methodologies to fulfill your desired business goals.

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11/11/2020 08:39

This article is good as before building an application, one must know types, benefits etc. I found this content useful as i am starting my carrier recently as a Android mobile app developers in Nairobi. Keep doing good work.